Aboriginal Teaching Assistant Conference 2019


2019 ATA Conference, “Listen to What the Spirit is Saying”

The 3-Day program has been designed to empower Aboriginal Teaching Assistants with system and role knowledge to improve their professional practice, and cultural and spirituality support for much needed renewal.

CEWA’s Strategic Directions form the basis of Day 1, with an invitation extended to principals to work alongside their ATAs to build a shared understanding of how the ATA role responds to God’s call to service in our diverse communities. For those principals who are unable to attend, the day will be streamed and recorded for later access, and CEWA School Improvement Advisors and School Support Consultants will be invited to work alongside their school’s allocated ATA. Providing ATAs an advanced understanding of the Strategic Directions is an equitable way of connecting system knowledge to those who are often the last to know or in some instances, might miss out on important system knowledge altogether.

Day 2 is an opportunity to share a range of cultural experiences for ATAs, who come from many different Aboriginal nations, and also provides key teachers of Aboriginal Perspectives in CEWA schools ways to embed this knowledge across the curriculum. Aboriginal Perspectives Key Teachers and relevant CEWA consultants will be invited to attend and participate in the cultural activities of the day, which will be in a marketplace-like setting.

Day 3 will begin by bringing us together in a celebration of Mass, with an open invitation to all Perth Office staff. Day 3 is based around the concept of Dadirri (Inner Deep Listening and Quiet Still Awareness), with guest speaker Dr Miriam-Rose Ungunmerr (AO) opening the day. The Religious Education Directorate and the Director of RE will be invited to share the day with the Aboriginal Education Team, leading ATAs through a process of reflection and renewal that is formed through Catholic faith and Aboriginal spirituality. Catholic Identity takes a central role in the day, with Gaudete Et Exsultate being explored in relation to connectedness to Country and Aboriginal identity.



ATA Conference 2019 nidja boodja wer Whadjuk Noongar moort, wer keyen kaadak Perth Boodja.

ATA Conference 2019 is hosted on the lands of the Whadjuk Noongar people, the first carers of Perth Country.

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